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Welcome to our premier studio space, where you can choose from two versatile studios, each designed to meet a variety of needs. Located in Wyong Business Park, both studios are equipped with sound systems, mirrors, durable Tarkett flooring, and efficient air conditioning to ensure a comfortable and productive environment.

Renting our studios includes access to our fully equipped kitchenette and bathroom facilities, providing you with convenience and comfort throughout your booking. Additionally, we offer onsite parking for easy accessibility.

Whether you're planning a dance rehearsal, fitness class, photography session, or any other creative endeavor, our studios are the perfect choice for your needs.

B8, 4 Dulmison Ave, Wyong

Phone: 0432443239



DIMENSIONS: 11.5m x 7m

  • Air Conditioned

  • Tarkett flooring

  • Sound System

  • Mirrors

  • Natural Lighting

Please note this studio is not suitable for tap dance and is not wheelchair accessible.


DIMENSIONS: 10 x 8.5

  • Air Conditioned

  • Tarkett flooring

  • Sound System

  • Mirrors

Please note this studio is not wheelchair accessible.



Our studio space can cater to a diverse range of people and groups, including:

  1. Photographers and Videographers:

    • For photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, and other media production needs.

  2. Fitness Trainers and Gyms:

    • For fitness classes, yoga sessions, Pilates, and other physical training.

  3. Musicians and Bands:

    • For rehearsals, recordings, and video shoots.

  4. Artists and Performers:

    • For workshops, rehearsals, and small performances.

  5. Corporate Clients:

    • For team-building activities, meetings, training sessions, and workshops.

  6. Event Planners:

    • For small events, private parties, and intimate gatherings.

  7. Educators and Instructors:

    • For classes, seminars, and educational workshops.

  8. Theatre Groups:

    • For rehearsals, script readings, and small performances.

  9. Wellness and Therapy Practitioners:

    • For mindfulness sessions, therapy workshops, and wellness events.

  10. Community Groups and Clubs:

    • For regular meet-ups, activities, and group events.


Servicing the Central Coast area of Wyong, Wadalba, Hamlyn Terrace, Tuggerah, Woongarrah, Watanobbi, Tuggerawong, Wyongah, Tacoma.

We have availabilities on weekdays and weekends. Please contact us to express your interest and for detailed availabilities.


REGULAR OR ONGOING HIRE: $25.00 per hour

ONCE OFF HIRE: $30.00 per hour

Let’s Work Together

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